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This website of Michel Klemann gives you a view into the world of feathers. At this moment you can find here feathers of more than 250 different species.

The Feather Atlas - Flight Feathers of North American Birds

This website is designed to assist feather identification by providing high-resolution scans of flight feathers of major groups of North American birds. This is an ongoing project that will continually add new species.

Identification Atlas of Aragóns Birds

This website offers many pictures of complete wings and tails of birds captured for ringing. These pictures can help to determine age or sex of a captured bird, but can also help to identify single feathers found in the field.

Vogelfedern - die Seite als Bestimmungshilfe für Mauserfedern und Rupfungen

This website presents an extensive collection of feathers of more than 250 bird species mainly from Europe.

Feather Collection

A comprehensive collection of bird feathers.


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